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Saudi Arabia Taking a Digital “LEAP” in Riyadh

Leap 2024 Event

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed a “shockwave” in Saudi Arabia for technology. This is where ambitious initiatives are aimed at digital transformation and innovation. At the forefront of this transformation is the annual tech event, LEAP, taking Riyadh and the world by storm.

LEAP, short for “Leading Edge Annual Professionals,” is synonymous with excellence and innovation. It has made itself a pivotal platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation and collaboration, and driving the mighty kingdom’s digital agenda forward.

Join us as we take a “LEAP” in digital transformation and how it is shaping Saudi Arabia’s future.

The Rise of Tech in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been making significant strides in making the best out of technology and innovation as a part of its Vision 2030 agenda. With a strong focus on diversifying its economy and reducing dependence on oil, Saudi Arabia has identified technology as a key driver of growth and development.

Initiatives like Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program (NTP) have laid the foundation for a vibrant tech ecosystem, fostering entrepreneurship, attracting foreign investment, and nurturing homegrown talent. SkyTrust is the perfect example of what Saudi Arabia has in mind for the coming years, and SkyTrust being a digital transformation company is all set to compliment that vision and back it up every inch of the way.

What to Expect at LEAP 2024:

A Global Technology Ecosystem

LEAP is bringing together the global technology ecosystem, providing innovators a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration on a much larger scale. If you are a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, investor, or an industry professional, LEAP is the place where you want to be.

Start-Up Showcase

This year, LEAP is expected to host over 600+ start-ups. If you’re a start-up founder or part of a budding tech venture, LEAP is where you should go to showcase your technology, connect with potential investors, and discover new business partners.

Rocket Fuel Start-Up Pitch Competition

The LEAP 2024 Rocket Fuel Start-Up Pitch Competition is meant for start-ups and developers where they can present their technology innovations. Awards are distributed in six categories, including the LEAP award, The Shooting Star Award, and The Aviatrix Award. Technology for Humanity Award, The Into New Worlds Award, and The Artificial Intelligence Award.

Deep Fest

LEAP is co-located with Deep Fest, an event dedicated to AI. Deep Fest is all about bringing together leaders, data scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the AI ecosystem. For those who are passionate about AI, LEAP is where you’ll find cutting-edge discussions, insights, and networking opportunities.

Generative AI Spotlight

The 2024 event will spotlight Generative AI. It is planning to feature government initiatives, specialized tracks, interactive training, innovation talks, live demonstrations, and much more. It’s a chance for you to witness the forefront of AI advancement and engage with industry leaders.

LEAP: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation

LEAP has emerged as the cornerstone event in Saudi Arabia, bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, and entrepreneurs under one roof. The event serves as a platform for showcasing groundbreaking technologies, including AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
LEAP has a comprehensive lineup of activities that are designed to inspire, educate, and empower attendees ranging from keynote speeches and panel discussions to hands-on workshops and product demos.

Driving Innovation and Collaboration:

One of the main objectives of LEAP is to promote innovation and collaboration across different sectors. It focuses on driving the cross-pollination of ideas and facilitating knowledge sharing and digital transformation – something SkyTrust stands for. For three days, the event presents startups with an opportunity to showcase what they have in store.
Other than being a tech space, it is a networking hub that enables industry players to forge strategic partnerships, explore business opportunities, and collaborate on joint initiatives.

Empowering the Next Generation of Tech Leaders

LEAP is more than just a place to showcase the latest tech, it is about empowering potential leaders of technology. Through workshops, hackathons, and mentorship programs, the event aims to nurture talent and equip young investors with the skills and resources they need to bring the change the world has always wanted.

Consider LEAP a platform for learning, hands-on experience, and experimentation as it helps to build up a pipeline of future innovators who will take the Saudi Kingdom’s digital transformation to a whole new level.

The Future of Tech in Saudi Arabia

As the Saudi Kingdom continues its journey to become a global technology hub, events like LEAP will definitely play a crucial role in shaping the country’s future. By bringing together leaders, industry maestros, and innovative companies like SkyTrust, the event is catalyzing innovation, driving global collaboration, and accelerating the pace of digital transformation in Saudi Arabia. As we look ahead, it’s pretty evident that Saudi’s tech ecosystem is poised for continued growth and success, fueled by a spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and last but certainly not least, collaboration.

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